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The Virtual Gastric Band (VGB) was pioneered in the UK by Sheila Granger.  It is a safe way to lose weight and inches.  This is NOT a diet but our clients are encouraged to eat smaller portions and can eat whatever they want to eat.  VGB works by retraining the mind to be satisfied with smaller amounts of food.

Although the premise is that hypnosis is used to have the client think that they have had their stomach size reduced with surgery by placing a silicone band around a portion of their stomach.  In fact, no surgery is performed and therefore no medications are needed, no time off from work and of course, no post operative pain, etc.

The VGB program has been giving safe and predictable results whereby clients usually lose approximately 7 pounds the first week, and then 1-2 pounds in the following weeks.

The program included 4 one-on-one sessions, each about 1 hour. After the first session, the client will receive a support CD and a set of guidelines to follow to help them on their journey.  After the third or fourth session, the client will be given a personalized CD to help maintain their weight loss until they reach their goal.  

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