What People Are Saying

"Lawrence did a few hypnosis sessions with me pertaining to different concerns. One of which was to eat healthy and be in control of what I eat. Being a diabetic and having numbers that are totally out of control. Eating properly and exercising are crucial to maintain good health. Ever since Lawrence hypnotized me I have seen my weight and blood sugar numbers decrease and I am working out on a regular basis. Thanks to hypnosis and Lawrence." 

Carol S.

"I found Lawrence to be very personable and professional during our session. His good-natured demeanor put me at ease immediately so that I was able to relax and to fully benefit from the hypnosis session"

Sarah S.

I've lost 8 pounds and still losing every week.  Hypnosis works, I am feeling better, looking better, and have a refreshing new outlook on the way I view food.  It's not my "go to place"  anymore. I couldn't have done it without the help and support I received from Lawrence's program.  Thank you, Lawrence, for giving me the success I was looking for"

Brian P.